NYSAMP Testimonials

“As a business manager I would recommend mediation to any agricultural producer or supplier. . . Mediation helped us realize that the customers we sell to weren’t taking us seriously and didn’t understand the bind they were putting us in. It also helped us to understand that we weren’t being clear with our customers about what we expect and need from them.”

“Mediation worked just as I hoped. The mediators are wonderful to work with. We haven’t had any customers refuse to stop buying from us, we are collecting the money that they owe us, and saving time in the process!”

“Before I tried mediation, I was on the brink of closing my farm, I was so frustrated and embarrassed to talk to my suppliers. The mediation center was able to make contact with my creditors and suppliers and facilitate the mediation process. I believe I got a fair chance with my creditors and suppliers, and they listened to my struggles. We were able to get a plan in place for me to pay everyone back and my farm is still in operation today.”

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