The New York State Agriculture Mediation Program

The New York State Agricultural Mediation Program (NYSAMP) provides the agricultural community with the opportunity to communicate clearly and negotiate effectively in order to find fair and workable solutions to challenges they face. Decisions are made by the people directly involved, and not by mediators or outside authorities. Mediation through NYSAMP is completely confidential. Consultations to discuss mediation and whether it might be useful in a specific situation are also confidential. 

NYSAMP partners with affiliated mediation centers in order to provide services to agricultural producers in every county of New York State. Trained and experienced mediators keep the focus on the issues and help participants to talk things out, and to explore their options, allowing them to avoid the high costs of escalating conflict and litigation. Mediation can also be quite effective at resolving underlying issues.

Mediation does not limit the option of going to court or requesting a USDA hearing, but you may be surprised how much you can get accomplished in the more relaxed and less expensive mediation setting.
Best of all, these services are available at no or low cost.


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