What Will Happen?

The mediator will begin by explaining mediation, and reviewing a consent to mediate form. Mediators generally offer everyone the chance to explain their own views without interruptions. The mediator will help clarify your opinions and ideas, figure out underlying problems and the most important questions.

After both sides have had the opportunity to share information and clear the air, the mediator will help you think about the future and explore options. This allows people to be creative and flexible in considering resources and potential agreements. During the first mediation session, you may decide that more information or a trial period is needed. There is always the option to schedule another session. The mediator will ensure that decisions are acceptable to everyone, and can help write an agreement.

If you are unable to reach an agreement and it is clear that additional meetings will not be helpful, then the mediation is closed. Mediation does not prevent you from using other means to address disputes.


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