How Will I Prepare

The following are some steps which may be useful in preparing for mediation:

  • Practice explaining your situation to a good listener or trusted advisor.
  • Gather papers or information that may be helpful.
  • Make a personal checklist of the most important facts, questions, and ideas for solutions.
  • Think about what you want to be accomplished, and about alternate plans or proposals.
  • Ask, don’t demand. Be prepared with another request if the answer is no.
  • Consider what the other party might be thinking and what they might want.
  • Tell the NYSAMP staff about other people who might be useful at your mediation: an attorney or other advisor, a support person, other creditors, or someone who might be affected by the outcome.
  • Give yourself time to think and consider before making final decisions.
  • Relax and remember that mediation is like a conversation, not a formal hearing or court appearance.


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